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Overwolf not online for games for over a week.

COD: Warzone - - - Overwolf need to warn it's users that some games my be down for extended periods of time. This will effect and apps or mods people try to make using this platform. Without this explanation, Creators can build an app and have users using it, Till one day everything stops working. Then it's over a week with out any updates on when it will be available for Creators to use their apps again. So Overwolf tells people that they can build apps using Overwolf, but fails to mention that Overwolf may be down for that game and unable to support that Creator in any way. Could lead to Creators drop in App users and loss in $. Creators and Users Need to be aware that this is an issue that Overwolf can not be relied on to support the games listed with out some time (OVER A WEEK SO FAR) of Unavailability.

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  • Jun 8 2022
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