Add unit query non-overide functionality in DotA to Overwolf

There is a setting called "unit query overrides hero control console" which when toggled off will display all unit information in a small box on the left side of the screen. Im wondering if it would be possible to take hud elements when another unit is selected, store them, and display them in much the same way?

The attached image is of the console, it however lacks neutral items, tp scrolls, and consumed Aghanims. One of the major benefits of this feature was that it lingered despite doing actions. So for example you could select the unit and they go into fog, you could then make a move action while still analyzing their stats and what they have.

While DotA does currently have this feature, JeffHill has announced that it will be removed soon after TI concludes due to its deteriorating state. With that deteriorating state also came less use of it. Even if Overwolf does not accept the idea, is it even possible to make?

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  • Jun 25 2022
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