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Uninteractable Browser mode ("Overlay Mode")

This suggestion is for the Web Browser App, I'd like a button, either in the web browser that I can click, or a key combo that would do each of the following, or all at once:

1) Disable clicking on the browser window.
2) Make the browser's window disappear (no title bar, no address bar, no back / reload / forward / etc. buttons)
3) Turn the background of the website you're visiting invisible, but not the content.

This would allow a website to be effectively used as something similar to a stream overlay, but actually be seen over your game, rather than just in streaming software. I could use this for a popout of a stream chat, and only see the chatters names, and their messages, but not the background, or any part of the window. This could be used to keep a Twitter feed available while in game. This could be used to keep alerts visible while in game. This could be used to keep just about any self-updating window visible in game.

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  • Jun 30 2022
  • Future consideration
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