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Allow multiple set of settings for different copies of same game title

Hello, I have a certain game where I have multiple copies of them (for different region, and no, they don't share the game client, so each executable is a slightly different version). And I would like to enable Overwolf only for one version of them (this can be identified, e.g. using the install path of that particular version). Currently this is not possible because Overwolf options are applied on per-title basis, I believe.

This would also be useful for, for example, when you have the same game on different platform(steam/origin/uplay/ etc.), and want to use different config for each platform.

Would you please consider adding support for this? Some other gaming utilities also actually work this way. E.g. in Geforce Experience, the auto graphic config can be configured per executable/copy.

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  • Jul 13 2022
  • Future consideration
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