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Support Overwatch 2 - It's Been Months!!!

can we please get an eta on overwatch 2 being added to game monitoring? the beta was half a year ago and the pvp release was 3 months ago. we are now midway in season 2. there has been a lot of time to preplan and develop for this. we aren't able to earn while playing with buff or use other overwolf apps with it all this time. it would be nice to at least get some form of status update on it.

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  • Jan 11 2023
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  • Faab commented
    4 Apr 01:54am

    now that we are 8 months at the release of the pvp an update would be appreciable

  • Vance Berreth commented
    11 Mar 06:22pm

    Yeah I asked about this 2 months ago. So depressing when you do something insane just to be reminded that outplayed STILL hasnt fixed highlight capture for this game.

  • Guest commented
    25 Feb 07:15am