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Serve your own Ads

Ads are important for Thunderstore. In fact, "Thunderstore development is supported by ads <3".

You should serve your own ads instead of forcing customers to open connections to 3rd party ad serving hosts, many of whom are untrustworthy and often serve drive-by browser hijacking javascript.

I can and will always block connections to servers I haven't expressly authorized. If you serve ads from your own server, I can't block them can I? I would also trust them more.

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  • Mar 29 2023
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    29 Mar 07:45pm

    If anyone reading this wants to block ads at the DNS level - get googlin! You don't have to see ads, and if you do they should be given to you by the service you are interacting with. A great case of this is Youtube. You can't block youtube ads without blocking youtube, because Youtube is the ad network.