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Overwolf account sync between computers

With the advancement of game virtualization and the possibility of using a server with remote access to play on weaker computers, overwolf synchronization is necessary for the same function. Today it only works on the installed machine, it would be interesting to have the same account (same steam) configured on both computers synchronizing the data so that you can use overwolf installed on both machines with the same data. This idea will benefit players who use a virtualization system at home (not applicable to Geforce now and similar devices, as the idea is that overwofl is installed on both machines)
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  • Sep 25 2023
  • Will not implement
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    Team Overwolf commented
    26 Sep 07:26am

    Hey there,
    We are not sure what you mean by "Today it only works on the installed machine"? Are you talking about the sync option in CurseForge?