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Lost Ark Inventory Export

I would like to propose a feature enhancement for Lost Ark that would greatly improve the management of Accessories (Neck, Ring, Ear) across multiple characters. The goal is to provide players with a more efficient and streamlined way to view and export their Accessories, enabling faster gear optimization and facilitating the process of finding suitable gear for new or existing characters.

  1. Comprehensive Accessory Overview: Implement a feature that allows players to view and export all Accessories across their characters in a consolidated manner. This overview should display important information such as item name, rarity, and any associated engravings.

  2. Filtering and Optimization Capabilities: Enhance the Accessory overview by incorporating powerful filtering options. Players should be able to specify desired engravings and outcome stats, such as spec = 1500 or swift = 800, thus optimizing the search results to match their specific requirements. This functionality would greatly assist in quickly identifying the most suitable Accessories for their characters.

  3. Manual Export Functionality: In cases where automated optimization is not feasible, provide players with the ability to manually export Accessories from each character. This would allow them to perform their own analysis and comparison while considering various factors such as character builds and playstyles.

  4. Integration Options: Consider integrating this enhanced Accessory management feature with existing in-game tools such as the DPS Meter, or alternatively, make it available as a standalone feature. Integration with the DPS Meter would offer a comprehensive overview of the character's performance, considering both equipment and combat effectiveness.

By implementing these enhancements, players would experience improved convenience, time savings, and a more enjoyable experience when managing their Accessories across multiple characters in Lost Ark.

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  • Oct 27 2023
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    Team Overwolf commented
    29 Oct 07:55am

    Hey there,

    This sounds like great feedback, but sadly this ideas portal is for Overwolf as a platform for gaming apps just like Lost Ark.
    But we will make sure to forward this feedback to existing app developers who develop apps for Lost Ark.