Let us install mod managers without overwolf

I remember when curseforge worked without overwolf. r2modman works wonderfully without overwolf, not sure why the thunderstore needs it to hold its hand. At least let me look at the files in a code exported modpack from my friends so I don't have to download your app, install it, import the mods, copy the list, uninstall the app, then manually add them to r2modman. Or let us install the managers without the spyware.

inb4 'but we help and all the data we gather by default is for your own good and look at our LoL overlay we're useful I swear'

Overwolf just sits there and vacuums up data from completely functional applications that don't need it.

Imagine the philosophy of 'you know how to make this app better? Increase complexity and make it dependent on a completely different app that now has to run in the background for the original program to function! People love bloat!'

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  • Dec 28 2023
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    5 Apr 07:45pm

    u r correct