Please stop using so much RAM/memory. Let me adjust it manually.

The overwolf browser being open alongside a single mod manager uses over 2 gigs(collectively across all shown active instances) of my 16GB of RAM. There is no reason the total memory usage of this type of software should be comparable to the consumption of games like the finals. I notice that the number of instances lines up with the number of apps I have installed but only one of them was being used at the moment and the others haven't even been used this start cycle. Please let me throttle the memory usage of the overwolf browser.

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  • Mar 11 2024
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    Team Overwolf commented
    11 Mar 07:30am

    Hey there,

    It looks like we've identified a memory bug that could be causing your issue. Don't worry, we've got your back! Reach out to our supportive team and we'll investigate further to get you back up and running.